Three Club Professionals coaching at RCTC!

We are delighted to introduce our three new coaches: Maria Vallos, Nicole Vallos and Grant Murphy. After an extensive public tender process, the Ringwood Central Steering Committee have selected the joint application of Grant, Nicole and Maria as providing the right mix of passion, skill, experience, inclusivity and community mindset that will take the club forward in our mission to provide a fun and healthy environment to learn and play tennis.

Maria Vallos is a Tennis Australia Level 2 Club Professional and the Director of the coaching program at Ringwood Central. Maria has been joint Head Coach with twin sister Nicole at Hurstbridge Tennis Club for over 15 years and has demonstrated her skill in working with the local community to build a sustainable grassroots tennis club - including pathways for keen junior players. Maria and Nicole were Victorian School Girls Doubles Champion for six consecutive years and Maria has played VTA Pennant at the highest level for various clubs in Melbourne. In addition to handling the daily coaching business and enquiries, Maria will be the Hot Shots coordinator and its main coach.

Nicole Vallos is also a Tennis Australia Level 2 Club Professional, and will oversee the development program as juniors transition from Hot Shots to regular “yellow ball” tennis and competition. Nicole and Maria have strong experience in this age group, being tennis coaches at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar for over 15 years. Nicole and Maria will also look to introduce at Ringwood Central coaching for those with special needs; currently they are voluntary coaches for the Special Olympics and the State Coaches for Victoria.

Grant Murphy is an experienced academy coach and will oversee the squad program at Ringwood Central. Also attaining the Tennis Australia Level 2 Club Professional qualification and being a former Grade 1 Pennant Player, Grant has extensive domestic and international coaching experience. For seven years Grant was the Assistant Director of the Cliff Drysdale Tennis Academies at the Ritz Carlton, Key Biscayne Florida during the Winter, and Southhampton New York during Summer. As a Coaching Professional at Royal South Yarra and various other clubs in Melbourne, Grant has jumped at the opportunity to partner with Nicole and Maria to become joint Head Coaches at our newly-merged club.

In addition to the vast array of group junior programs, the coaches will provide private lessons for both juniors and adults, and also introduce cardio tennis and programs designed to get players of all levels and abilities into tennis.

It is an exciting time for the club to have three exceptional club professional coaches available to RCTC. Having said that, we would like to express our appreciation to Budgies Tennis and Triple Ace Tennis for the exceptional contribution they made as coaching providers to both Ringwood Tennis Club and Ringwood Catholic Tennis Club. The strength of RCTC owes much to the combined hard work of these two coaching businesses, and we wish them all the very best in their future endeavours.

Please join with us in congratulating our new coaches Maria, Nicole and Grant - and give them a call to discuss your tennis!

Maria Vallos - 0407 851 979

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