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RCTC 2016 Club Championships

Yesterday the club hosted the 2016 Club championships. It was a great day and was really good to see all courts full with members playing friendly yet competitive tennis.

A huge thanks to Jake Mutton who organised the Championship, and all the RCTC Committee who assisted in many ways. I think we’d all agree that it was a great day!

Womens Club Champion: Paige Blythe

Runner Up: Maureen Platt

Mens Club Champion: Cameron Leitch

Runner Up: Mitch Sinclair

Mens Doubles Champions: Matt Allis and Mitch Sinclair

Runners Up: Cameron Leitch and Nick Graham

Mixed Doubles Champions: Karen Mitchell and Anthony Warren

Runners Up: Tracey and Dale Adams

Boys Doubles Champions: Nathan Allis and Kieran Tirikawala

Runners Up: Ben Anton-Wilson and Simon Du

Boys Under 15 Champion: Nick Graham

Boys Under 12 Champion: Nathan Allis

Runner Up: Kieran Tirikawala

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